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Catharine Willoughby
Owner/Principal Photographer

I have always loved telling stories visually by way of beautiful things... photography, as well as, design - upcycled treasures, interiors, staging... hence the use of Imagery. 


When we work together, you will find while I am serious about the technical components, I am relaxed and fun with my sessions which allows you to enjoy the experience and me to best capture images that are equally relaxed and beautifully lit, offering custom-made, artistic solutions that reach your senses. If this is what you are seeking in a photographer, it would be my privilege to tell your story together!


Outside of photography, I am a business professional, holding a bachelor’s degree in human resources with concentration in organizational management, as well as, certification in project management. I am a proud mom of two beautiful and talented children, both grown and off doing great things in this world of ours :)



“Taking an image freezes a moment and reveals how rich reality truly is.”— Anonymous


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